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Cauliflower Alfredo by youeatlikearabbit
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5-6 cups cauliflower florets(1 small/medium head)⁣
5 cloves garlic, sautéed for 5-10 minutes until golden brown⁣
1 lemon, juiced⁣
3/4 tsp salt, to taste ⁣
1/2 cup nutritional yeast ⁣
1 tbsp onion powder ⁣
2 tbsp tapioca flour, or corn starch⁣
2 cups broth/pasta water (I use better than bouillon paste)⁣
1/2 cup cashews, or 1 cup almonds (soaked in boiling hot water for 15 minutes or water all day, this helps them to blend easier)⁣

12 oz pasta of choice⁣
vegetables of choice, like steamed broccoli, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, or sautéed tomatoes. ⁣

In a large soup pot boil water. You’ll use this water to boil your cauliflower + your pasta. Once water is boiling add cauliflower and boil for ~5 minutes until fork tender. Use a slotted spoon or small mesh strainer to scoop out the cauliflower and transfer to a blender. Add pasta to the boiling water and cook as instructed on packaging. ⁣

Into the blender with the cauliflower add sautéed garlic, lemon juice, salt, nutritional yeast, onion powder, tapioca flour, cashews or almonds, and 2 cups of pasta water + better than bouillon or veggie broth. Blend until extremely smooth ~2 minutes. Give it a taste and add more salt if desired. ⁣

Pour over cooked pasta along with veggies of choice. For this recipe I added spinach and tossed until wilted as well as sautéed tomatoes that were seasoned with salt and pepper. Cooked until wilted. Enjoy!

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